My Feelings on the G20

Someone on facebook asked how I felt about the G20 protests.

Here are my feelings in short.

I’m happy to live in a world, where the leaders of the world meet face to face to discuss important issues, not attack one another like we did not even 100 years ago.

I’m confused that people use it as an opportunity to organize to protest, if you care about something, you shouldn’t need an excuse to take action.

I’m angered by the criminals who use it as an opportunity to destroy. Get a hobby, get help or get lost.

I’m thankful for the police officers who tried their best to be fair. I’m sure there were those who tried to be fair, and who were ashamed by the actions of their peers.

I’m angered by the police officers and those in charge, who didn’t try their best when this city needed it. At times you appeared worse than the criminals.

How can I say something like that?

I saw criminals attacking property and then I saw police attacking people.

The windows & bank machines didn’t feel those rocks and sticks, but the innocent people waiting for the bus sure felt those riot batons and animosity and aggression from those sworn to protect the innocent. They felt the rain on their backs, and the numbness in their legs after standing for 4 hours without a reasonable explanation of why they were being held against their will.

How do I feel about the G20? With an anti-police brutality protest less than an hour away that could see more violence in the streets… I’m feeling helpless.

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