About Giving…

A friend on facebook posted this video on their profile.

With the added comment “Whatever your beliefs and feelings about Christmas, this makes you think.”

It did get me thinking.

Perhaps I’m going to sound like a Grinch for thinking this way but maybe this year we shouldn’t all give to charity.
While it is an excellent message of caring for our fellow man there are some immediate repercussions the video doesn’t point out.
If we all don’t buy the usual amount of junk from the stores that sell junk, the junk selling stores won’t make back the money they spent on stocking their shelves with junk in the first place. Demand for new junk will go down, so the people who make the junk will lose their jobs, and the junk stores will have loads of useless junk sitting on their shelves that nobody can afford to buy because everyone lost their junk making jobs.  It is a downside of this capitalist system, but freedom does come with costs.
If you’re like me and living with debt the solution to the problem of consumerism isn’t to give your money away to charity, instead it’s to pay off your own debt first. Only when you get out from debt will you’ll really be able to help in a significant way by investing in new business.
When it’s time to make that investment don’t invest in junk! There’s too much useless junk out there in our society slowing down real human progress.  It is capitalisms fault because the draw to invest in some new useless junk that will give you huge monetary gains is so strong.  We all want to be rich and Capitalism affords us the freedom to be greedy.
What people often forget is that it doesn’t force us to be.
Investing in sustainable technology, with low gains over a longer period of time isn’t a get rich quick fix, but it’s that kind of charitable sacrifice that will truly make the world a richer place for everyone, and we still need a free market capitalist society to do it. Capitalism and freedom go hand in hand, inspiring people to dream big and strive for greatness.
Sadly our society’s obsession with greatness, luxury and this silly notion of ‘the best’ has put us all into debt. Massive debt. When we finally get out of debt (which is a very lofty dream I know) we can be charitable to those in need.
Sadly the people most affected by water shortages, the people in need, are for the most part (so far as I know) ruled by non-democratically elected regimes. Regimes that don’t share what little wealth they have. They don’t stimulate economies for their citizens and don’t ‘give charitably to their people. They don’t do any of this because money is power, and when your business is ruling the people, giving power to the people is bad for business.
So while giving some of your power to charity is a tempting idea that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy during this Christmas season. It’s just a temporary solution.
Don’t get me wrong, it is a great thing to do if you’ve got the ‘power’ to do it, but for those of us in debt it is not practical.
Instead we should support the free market economy that we’re a part of by buying some junk for the people we love, just so long as we’re not buying that junk on credit.
Love and Merry Christmas,

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