Non Gamers Just as Excited for the Release of StarCraft 2

Joel Burtney doesn’t think of himself as a computer gamer “I use my home computer for e-mails and online banking. But whenever Blizzard Software releases a new title, I’ve got to be first in line to get it.” He told me from his tattered old sleeping bag positioned on the hard cold concrete just outside […]

My Feelings on the G20

Someone on facebook asked how I felt about the G20 protests. Here are my feelings in short. I’m happy to live in a world, where the leaders of the world meet face to face to discuss important issues, not attack one another like we did not even 100 years ago. I’m confused that people use […]

A Rant: Left 4 Dead 2 Scavenge Mode

I’ve developed a new nightly ritual these past few weeks. I get home from work, eat dinner with my girlfriend then get on my computer to see if I can get a good game of Left 4 Dead 2: Scavenge going with a couple of friends. If you’re not familiar with the game Left 4 […]